Total Athlete Training Program

The Total Athlete Program puts an emphasis on building the “complete” athlete. There will be strength and conditioning training several days per week. There will be speed and agility training.

Athletes will be trained by one of our expert coaches using our personally developed elite strength and conditioning formula all while developing a championship mindset.

This athlete program is the foundation to building your child’s mental toughness, confidence, goal setting and ultimately performing at their highest level.

Underground Performance

Semi-Private Training

Our Semi-Private athlete training program is for a very specific type of athlete. One that is ready to make the next leap in their performance.

This is the most exclusive program. Where you get complete access to Coach Ryan. This group is EXTREMELY limited.

It becomes a brotherhood and connection where Coach Ryan takes them to lunches, dinners, activities and all sorts of other things.

This program will be even more detailed for their individual needs and only have a maximum number of 3 other kids in the group. They will be surrounded by like mindset and other committed athletes.

Team Training

Most coaches are stressed for time just to get in the drills, technique and skills. In addition many coaches are looking for an outside voice to come in and lite a fire within their teams.

They would rather focus on skillset development and that’s where we come in to take the stress off your plate of making sure they are strong enough, conditioned and mentally tough.

The real joy is watching a group of young athletes form a bond with a similar vision and accomplishing goals together!