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Building Performance and Culture

Are you ready to achieve more in your life? Achieve more with your team? Ultimately, are you ready to win more? As my mentor told me “You can’t win without championship culture” especially sustained winning!

Win in sports, life, relationships, friendships, family, money and all the other buckets in your life.

In one simple sentence to do this you must go on the journey of transformation. Transformation of your identity and who you are. What you are really doing here is shifting your identity. You are escaping the ordinary and stepping into Extraordinary!

You are the creators of your life and your experiences. It’s time you get to decide which journey you will go on. Will you continue down the ordinary path or choose to upgrade.

There is a quote that reads, “You don’t get what you want in life. You get who you are.”

Oftentimes we put our entire focus on the things we want or desire, but the truth is your identity determines your outcomes. If you don’t have exactly what you desire in your life you must upgrade the person.

Championship Culture

This is one of the irrefutable principles of building a championship culture and getting pure clarity on what the team identity looks like as well as the coaches and athletes. Yet, it is also one of the most overlooked aspects of culture performance.

It begins with you as a coach and making a decision about who you are. When you OWN IT and LIVE IT that is the evidence athletes are looking for to make that decision for themselves.

You see the truth is most of your athletes are extremely stressed out, worried and wildly anxious inside their brains and body the majority of the time…

They were told that college was “going to be the time of their life.” Now they are there and are like what the fuck! They feel worse than before and experience more unwanted emotions than any other time in their life.

Then it starts to spiral out of control and become exhausting because they have less sense of who they are as people than when they showed up. At this point they become dabblers. Trying on new identities every day, week or month.

I always say you can be anybody but you can NOT be everybody!

Making a Decision

Step one within any team, any athlete or any coach is about making a decision! What does decision actually mean?

If you look at its latin origin the word decision means “cut off.” When you make a decision you are cutting off all other opinions and that’s hard for people because when you are saying yes to one thing you are saying no to all other options!

Whether it is FOMO, fear of being judged or fear of the unknown this is why it is so hard for people to actually make decisions.

We would rather dabble in life. My goal from the moment one is helping people make decisions! Decide on the person you want to become. Choose the identity you love right now. Choose the life you want to experience.

I spent 26 years of my life dabbling! Constantly talked about change. Dreamed about change but I never actually made the decision.

Dabbled from one pain and struggle to the next one. I was always dancing around the decision!

I never experienced the shift, the performance, the success or the peace of mind because I was too fearful of deciding for myself…

Simple Truth: Does any of this life matter if you aren’t going to live the REAL YOU?

Will you make the decision to go on the journey of transformation? Will you make the decision to upgrade who you are because there is so much more you can experience? 

Remember you don’t attract what you want → You attract who you are!

Hope this adds some value!

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