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How Championship Teams Build Momentum

Momentum is a powerful source of energy and we all know that it can work for you or against you. Most coaches do not understand why they have been able to create championship momentum in their lives. On the other hand many people expect a wave of negative things to happen. We have hardwired our minds with sayings like “When it rains, it pours.” What if there was a way to create momentum in your life on demand?

Far too often people wake up each morning crossing their fingers that the day goes smoothly. Intellectually we know this is not the way life is supposed to be lived. We know life is meant to be filled with joy, excitement, love and appreciation. Yet we feel like we lack control of our own lives. Now it’s time to take back control.

There are four levels towards building momentum in your life. Let’s take a dive into each one so that you can start showing up powerfully today!

Four Levels of Momentum

Level 1: Needing

Have you ever been in a situation where you caught yourself saying something like “I need this to happen”? How desperate and powerless did you feel at that moment? Championship Players and championship teams do not NEED things to happen.

When we need things to happen, is when most people become paralyzed by their own fears. You tend to lack control of your identity and who you are. Honestly, from an energetic standpoint you are probably pushing things further away in your life. Consider this situation. If you had a friend that walked up to you and said “I need to be in a relationship”, how does that come across?

It sounds desperate and when we are desperate it’s very hard to show up in a moment confident and powerful. Needing can make you become frantic, cloud judgment and cause you to make decisions that do not align with who you are or what you stand for.

While needing things to happen can be a starting point, let’s not choose to live there.

Level 2: Hoping/Wishing/Wanting

The next step above needing is hoping/wishing/wanting things to happen in your life. You might have caught yourself saying things like:

I hope X happens.

Wish I had Y.

I really want Z to work out.

While it is a step in the right direction, you still lack complete control of the outcomes you desire. Sitting back and hoping things work out in your life is not commanding control. If you need to hit a specific quota in your job you must go out and make it happen.

If you want a relationship in your life that you can not sit around and wish the right person will magically appear. Study any championship performers, you know that there was a moment in time when they took back control. They stopped playing victim and showed up as the creator.

Start today knowing that you control your life and that you do not have to hope things work out in your life.

Championship Level 3: Belief

The power of belief. Here is the most interesting thing about belief, while it is very powerful it’s not what you are truly after. Sounds crazy, right? Most people spend their entire lives trying to believe in themselves. Yes, there are far too many people across the world that do not believe in their true potential.

Because the truth is, we all have unlimited potential but we struggle to truly know that about ourselves. While belief is the third highest level it still has some underlying doubt within it.

For example, if someone asked you your age and your response was “I am 30” (assume that is the truth). They asked again, are you sure you are 30? You respond, well yes I am sure I am 30.

If someone, that was 30, responded with “I believe I am 30” it sounds like they are not 100% certain. Because you would respond back confused with, “You believe you’re 30? You aren’t sure?”

Belief still has a small amount of doubt living within it. It’s not the highest level of momentum we are truly chasing after. Now it is powerful and can help you uncover more about your true potential but there is one step higher. This is the secret sauce that all championship players and teams have!

Championship Level 4: Knowing

The greatest source of momentum is knowing who you are. When you know you are deserving, worthy and powerful people around you feel that presence. It’s what allows you to serve others at the highest level.

Most people just do not have a clue who they are. Your identity shapes your outcomes.

It does not mean you are perfect or have no flaws but it does mean you know what you stand for and what your values are. When you walk into a meeting and know that you help real people solve real problems you show up differently.

If you know what you are going to accomplish in your life it starts to pull you out of bed in the morning. You do not feel like you have to willpower and motivate yourself just to start your day. This is the most powerful form of momentum there is and it allows you to start creating momentum for your own life.

You must start with deciding who is the person you want to be. How does that person show up powerfully? When you create your identity you know you are going to win in all areas of your life. You can ditch needing, hoping or believing because you know you deserve to have a life filled with joy, excitement, love and appreciation.

Hope this adds value.

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