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The Number 1 Question From Parents For Their Athletes

The number one question asked to a coach, a training club or gym is “What makes you different”? However, subconsciously the majority of parents and individuals looking for these services already believe that they are all the same…

Except for the price! Most use price as the determining factor…HUGE MISTAKE!

For example, since opening a new business in a new location without a doubt it’s the top question I have been receiving. So, I thought it would be a good idea to address it.

Let’s go ahead and get the elephant out of the room…

A gym is not a gym and a coach is not a coach!

Later, we will dive much deeper into this but for those who want the Cliffnotes version…

1. Coaches and Gyms focus and put Performance first.

2. Mentor and Guides focus on Relationships first.

If you’re a parent reading this you might be saying to yourself, “But I pay for results” and I would agree with you…

In addition the difference is when you put Performance first it’s not sustainable. This is a ceiling of potential you are putting on your kids. It’s why so many young athletes walk away from sports or activities but they are outstanding at them. Then you are left scratching your head about why they want to quit something they’re good at…

It’s not that they don’t love the sport/activity, it’s that it has become exhausting, stressful and not worth it to continue to try and live up to YOUR or their Coaches “Performance Standards”!

This is why our Total Athlete Training System is so successful!

Performance Matters

Let me be clear as well that performance does matter. For most athletes though it’s not the primary focal point in the beginning.

With that said I do not consider myself your child’s coach but rather their guide or advisor. This is why relationships are CRITICAL because without that trust/rapport/relationship with them I have no clue where to guide them. Even worse I could be guiding them in the wrong direction!

Coach Em Up

Kids today would rather “fit-in” than “stand-out”!

Most young athletes have never really stopped to consider what it is THEY truly want. What are their own goals and dreams? Over 90% will respond to whatever the popular opinion is.

Don’t believe me, consider this example, I witness this almost every day.

Step 1 in our process is having a meaningful conversation (Build their trust) See we actually practice what we preach and focus on the relationship as soon as they walk through the doors!

ME: What are your athletic dreams/goals

Athlete: Play college (sport)

ME: D1 or any division.

Athlete: D1

ME: What are your top five Dream Schools

Athlete: (Puzzled/Lost) Ummmm I Don’t Know

Then after 2-3 minutes of digging we finally get a list of 5 DREAM Schools. The majority of these kids don’t have these answers for two reasons:

1. Scared or nervous, thinking what their “coach” or their parents want to hear

2. They have never been genuinely asked what THEY wanted

They have lacked any type of meaningful relationship in their lives. Someone that they can trust without having to feel judged all the time.


Recently I had a young athlete announce in front of a group of people that they wanted to be a college athlete. They went into a whole story about loving it etc…

The very next day I had a text from this individual that said “Can we meet”

We met back in the office first thing in the morning. This individual was in tears because they felt like an imposter. They went on for 20 minutes about how they did not really feel like they wanted to be a college athlete.

They felt like they would not be “accepted” among the group if that was not their answer.

Imagine how many kids are living in this Imposter Syndrome every single day!


I have been in the industry long enough to know the majority of sports training and performance places will sell you on the glamour…

Look we have this new equipment. We have this fancy gadget. Along with every other shiny object they can put in your face.

You see the same concept taking place throughout college recruiting. Colleges are spending more money every single year to try and keep up with each other on state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

Ryan coaching youth athletes

What You Really Want For Your Kids

Your kids are STARVING for relationships and empowerment. They want to have someone in their corner they can trust and talk to. It’s not that they do not trust you as mom/dad but most want you to be that… 

JUST MOM AND DAD! Not their “coach” too.

Next, they also want to feel empowered. Wanting to be taught you are not born with confidence and self-esteem, it’s already inside you, you just need someone to point which door to open within yourself.

Craving to feel deserving and valuable, just needing someone to show them the door.

They crave to create their own lives, dreams and experiences. Not feel like an imposter saying what they think you want to hear.

Don’t you think if they opened those doors within their lives their “Performance” is sports or life would dramatically improve?

The Tip Of The Iceberg

I could write an entire book or spend the day telling you how we at The Underground are different from EVERYONE ELSE…

But I am not going to bore you with all my nerdy stats and facts.

The point here within this blog is this is just Step 1 of our process and system. It has created a movement and a tribe of young athletes across the country that have identified with these concepts and strategies.

Imagine what your child would look like after spending weeks, months even years within a community of young athletes like this?

A more confident person, a better student, someone who takes on personal responsibility, happier, healthier and the list goes on forever…

How would that make you feel as their parent? To know without a shadow of a doubt they are happy and living the dreams they created.

The key is it’s coming from someone MORE than a coach or gym!

It’s who we are here at The Underground and this is how they identify…

An Underground Performer Is Built Different

We Are A New Breed Of Athlete…



Believes In Themselves With Supreme Confidence…

They Define Their Own Destiny, Create Their Own Luck And Love Themselves For Who They Want To Become. They Accomplish Massive Goals.


Is In Control Of Their Life…

They Are Dreamers and Creators Of Their Lives. Never Allowing Anyone Or Anything Stand In Their Way.

Underground Performers

Define Their Own Destiny

Build Supreme Confidence

Dream Massive Goals

Create Their Life

I AM AN Underground Performer

And I am Unbreakable and Unstoppable

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