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Top 3 Qualities College Coaches Are Looking For In Athletes

With so much demand, college coaches can afford to be choosy in handing out athletic scholarships. Do your kids have what it takes? There are more athletes fighting for limited spots on college rosters than ever before…

In a recent study shows that nearly 8 million high school athletes are competing for about 150,000 scholarships. And depending on your sport and the Division you want to compete in can make it even tougher!

For those athletes that live with the mentality that they are “D1 or bust” it shrinks the percentages of getting a scholarship drastically. For example, for men’s sports the best percentage of getting a D1 scholarship is in Football at 2.6%…

For women’s sports it’s between Cross Country and Track & Field at 2.7%!

Standing Out

Whether you want to go D1, D2, D3 or NAIA you have to find a way to stand out in the eyes of college coaches.

Unfortunately, more kids and parents think that the best way to do that is start specializing their kids in sports at a very early age. The thought process is something like, if I start my child earlier and they only participate in one sport, then they will practice more and get better.

Yet the truth is for so many young athletes it’s having the exact opposite effects. We are seeing kids burn out and get bored with sports faster than previous generations.

For instance, 95% of NFL Quarterbacks played at least 2 sports in high school…

Stats on getting a college scholarship

A Better Way

You might be asking well then what are the answers! And what college coaches are looking for during recruitment just might surprise. At least what is at the top of their list…

First and foremost, from a bird’s eye view there are two characteristics that all High Performers share:

1. Hunger (Passion)

2. Massive Amounts of Energy

Before we even get to the college coaches answers if you do not have these 2 traits this is your starting point…

Because over the past decade and working with tens of thousands of athletes most “think” they have those checked off, but it’s worth double checking…

Your Effort Must Match Your Expectations!

Quality #1

Character: It’s All About Attitude.

College coaches are most concerned with the character of future student-athletes. It’s safe to say this goes beyond sports and life after athletics…

Professional Team Owners and Coaches are always calling sources to see what an individual’s character is like or do they have “red flags.”

Owners of corporations are always looking and researching to see what type of individual you are before hiring a potential employee…

A short list on how coaches define character:

  • Respects the coaches and their decision making
  • Makes team success A1 priority – not individual success.
  • Has a high level of integrity/honesty/accountability, especially when things are not going well.
  • Comes to the gym with a positive attitude; wants to improve and get better every day.
  • Still Works When No One Is Watching

Athletes clean up your social media! For many coaches this the first place they go to find out what type of person and character you possess.

Again, this goes beyond sports as 60% of employers look here first before even interviewing potential employees!

 Quality #2

Proven Winner: A Team Player Driven To Succeed.

This defines more of an athlete’s mindset and mental toughness. Whether it’s in sports or life there are often times of uncertainty and how will you respond?

It spills over into the type of leader qualities that you carry. How do you carry yourself as a leader from your body language to the tone of voice you use for your teammates around you that might be experiencing certain levels of doubt.

List How Coaches Define:

  • Do they stay positive and keep their teammates positive when behind in a game?
  • Do they understand the plays that have to be executed in key situations?
  • Can they be unselfish (or take control) when the pressure increases?
  • Do They Refuse To Give Up?

Proven winners have the right mental attitude. Why? Because the wrong one can short circuit success!

Quality #3

Passion: Sports Are In Their Blood.

What is their hunger for their sport? Is it something they LOVE or just playing because they always have their entire life. Is it something that excites them to think about or a hobby that gives them some type of identity…

If you remember correctly this is one of the qualities that all High Performers have in their blood.

Coaches define it:

  •  Have great energy when it comes to their sport
  • Get excited when heading to the court for practice
  • Love talking about the game, players, teams and ways to get better.
  • Have the game on their mind all the time.
  • They are “gym rats”

Is it something that gets you out of bed in the morning. Or is it something you dread. Constantly complaining about all the time and energy you could be spending on other things?

Investing In Yourself

If you are seeking an athletic scholarship from any college you must be educated with all the appropriate information. Sadly, most parents and athletes are not educated about the process towards obtaining a scholarship…

I would add that this is one of, if not the most important pieces of the puzzle to be around a gym/coach that can educate you and your child on recruiting and training.

It’s just another reason not all gyms are created equal…

The fancy equipment and cool gadgets so many sports performance gyms sell you on, look great in the beginning. That will only take you so far though…

Whether it’s an athletic or academic scholarship it’s an investment in your child that can provide a MASSIVE ROI!

If you could invest $10,000 paid off over 4 years in exchange for a $150,000-$200,000 college experience, would you do it?

My guess would be Yes!

Surround yourself as parents and your kids with the right mentors and coaches!

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