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The Hardest Battle We Face

What’s the most difficult challenge you faced recently? Maybe it was waking up early or changing your job. It might have been starting a new exercise routine or balancing a new relationship. You might be the extreme type of person and started daily cold baths or competing in a triathlon…

What if I told you the hardest thing I experienced was receiving a party to celebrate our new baby girl. Then what if I told you that was easy to get over but getting showered (pun intended) with love and gifts from a community was even harder.

Seems kinda strange, right? To be honest, I had to slightly be TOLD that they were going to throw this party.

When I left last night it was as if my heart was swollen because I felt an incredible amount of love from people I have only known a few months. I woke up this morning with a new understanding of what gratitude and appreciation means.

It wasn’t something that can be taught in a classroom or talked about. It’s a feeling you experience!

And before I go any further I must send lots of love, gratitude and appreciation to a few moms that went above and beyond for Kait, Sooni and myself last night. They are Donna Reeves, Gwende Wilmot and Sarah Davee!

Understanding Gratitude

I consider myself a pretty giving person. Maybe not always with tangible things but giving of time and energy through conversations. I genuinely find a love for empowering others through conversations, group talks and written letters.

I know that as human beings we crave those meaningful connections with those around us. REAL connection not fake ones. Most inauthentic relationships stem from people always wanting something from you. You know the person that sends you a text message and before you even open it you’re wondering what they want!

That’s not a relationship you value in your heart.

I find giving and pouring into others to come pretty naturally. It comes from the previous pains I have experienced in my life and care that I might be able to guide others away from those same pains toward a life of pleasure!

But receiving, what makes it so hard? Why is it hard to welcome gratitude into your life. Spending some time in thought this morning I believe because we fear that someone is doing something outta love of their heart expecting something in return.

We fear that if we accept their love or gift that means we have to at minimum match what they did for us!

You know that feeling that someone gets you a birthday gift and if they spent hundreds of dollars you gotta get them a gift similar in value…

But I uncovered today that I have been living in part misaligned with how I value unconditional love…

Unconditional love, to me, means that you do something for others without expecting anything in return.

The Meaning of Life

I have been living by this value on my end yet whose love might I have pushed away in the past by having my guard up?

Last night and today have been a huge moment of growth for me on my emotional scale. It’s ok to show deep feelings of gratitude towards others and experiences.

Last night a few moms planned an event for us not because they felt like they had to but rather because they wanted to!

Maybe they find value in our relationship as people. A value in what I have provided to each of their kids who all spend time with me in training and mentorship.

I will be honest, as grateful as I am, I was a little confused. Confused on what to do for them in return? How do I show how appreciative I am for the time, energy and money they spent to allow us to feel so loved in a new community!

The reality is it might just be a simple hug and saying thank you!

Gratitude is a feeling. It’s an energy that can be felt in a room or conversation. 

Community Gratitude

I can not say thank you enough to everyone. Every parent that trusts me to empower their kids.

Every team that has welcomed me into their homes to help each individual grow.

To every kid and athlete that is open to our system to build strong and powerful people in sports, life and relationships.

I know I can talk a lot to you! I never wanna miss a moment to pour into you to help you grow. And as one of the athletes said last week “You make my brain spin because you ask hard questions”…

I never wanna be surface level! 

Thank you to the Argyle Community and families that didn’t run me outta town haha! You welcomed all my wildness and energy.

Thank you again Donna, Gwende and Sarah for showering us with love, food and gifts! Sending lots of love and gratitude to you!!


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