Let’s be honest through marketing, social media and TV we have made nutrition extremely complicated today.  Everywhere we turn there is a new “diet”. One day eggs are good for you and the next you shouldn’t even look at them. Years ago it was the Atkins diet, then Paleo now Keto. We are constantly scratching our head where to get nutrients from in our diet.

Nothing is more head scratching than these 30 day cleanse diets! It’s perfect marketing because as a culture we have become so overwhelmed with choices we either change nothing or buy into the next best fad society has thrown at us.

When you cut through it all your health and nutrition is 80% psychology and 20% taking action. We have allowed peers and society to implement a plethora of limiting beliefs like “it’s expensive to eat healthy.” For me personally and the thousands of individuals I have consulted with on nutritional guidance, this is the furthest from the truth.

Yes, it might add to your grocery bill if you have never shopped in the produce section and add your vegetable bill on top of your processed food purchases.

Nutrients gone missing

Our constant consumption of processed foods is a huge reason why 90% of Americans now fall short in obtaining adequate amounts of at least one vitamin or mineral.

We live in a world where there are more than 50,000 edible plants around the world loaded with beneficial nutrients and yet our diets are dominated by three crops: wheat, rice and corn which accounts for 60% of the worlds caloric intake!

Take a closer look into what is being consumed in the United States and it’s no wonder we are lacking energy. Today hamburgers, pizza, creamy pasta, nachos, burritos, and bagels with butter make up 60% of the calories consumed in the U.S. 

No wonder a several years ago we have reached the point where there are more obese people on Earth than people underweight.

Taking action

As human beings, especially when it comes to our health we want to find the path of least resistance. Rather than the short term high and excitement of losing a few pounds or lowering your blood pressure, why not create something that is sustainable. An action plan that could put years on your life or even dollars back in your pocket.

First and probably the most important unless you have extreme willpower you can not change all your habits at once. Set yourself up to win by making small sustainable habits. The first habit I start a lot of people off with is adding vegetables to every meal. Yes, this means if you are a breakfast eater (I am not) throw some spinach, mushrooms, or broccoli in your eggs. A habit like this is good for two reasons. One, you are clearly adding much need nutrients throughout your day. Second, it’s a psychological win because you are not having to take anything out of your daily eating…yet.

Another easy habit is every time you think you are hungry drink an entire glass of water. Many times when we think we are hungry, we are actually thirsty. Lots of people are not drinking enough water throughout their day and will keep you from just snacking to snack.

Take charge of your health and nutrition. You only get one body and it can be extremely costly both physically and financially is you do not take adequate care of it.

Do not overthink your nutrition. Proper nutrition is not some secret that is reserved for the wealthy. Overcome your limiting beliefs and live a life full of health, energy and excitement!

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