High Performance and Mentorship

The right mentor is the greatest gift you can give your athletes:

Mentorship is extremely powerful and effective when used the right way. A common misbelief is that your team is already doing this with a sports psychologist on staff.

This is much different than s sports psychologist and as a former college athlete one of the major reasons we developed this program.

athlete craves some type of empowerment but so many athletes lack the identity and self-awareness to feel empowered. 

Mentorship with your team is laying the foundation (build trust and rapport), create openness and confidence (vulnerability) to then stand stronger and taller (Feel Empowered) as a person and athlete. Ultimately performance, winning and championships tend to take care of themselves!

TWU National Champs
TWU Gymnastics 2022 National Champions
Oregon State Gymnastics 2022 PAC-12 Regular Season Champions
High Performance and Mentorship Program:
This is our most exclusive and elite program and the framework is designed in a specific way to have the quickest and most impact.
Phase one of our program is about assessing and building connection goals include:
  1. Understand Standards and Expectation
  2. Develop Clarity on Personal and Team Vision
  3. Build Trust and Connection
  4. Ignite Confidence, Self-Esteem and Belief System
  5. Boost Energy and Sharpen The Ultimate Mindset
This involves a 5 step process that immediately lays the foundation for the season and beyond.

Following Phase we then sit down to develop a custom plan for your team moving forward.

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Ryan Speaking TWU
Ryan Speaking at TWU

P.S. The greatest benefit from adding this type of program is stress it takes off your back…

You get to focus on what you do best and that’s COACH!

Additionally there is power in having an outside voice to come in and speak with your athletes. We have all been their age before where you “preach” a message to your team and someone comes in and says the exact same words to them…

It’s like a light bulb went off. As their coach you are thinking WHAT THE HECK! I said the same thing…

It’s a different voice, different face and just rearrange the words so it clicks in their mind.

That’s where the magic comes.