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Elevate Team Performance, Ignite Confidence and Build Strong Minds

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Creating A Standard of Excellence

Coaches: One of the great obstacles is constantly balancing your athletes’ effort and expectations. You are constantly on the recruiting trail seeking out high performers and athletes that will add value to your team.

But what happens when a number of athletes enter their dream school, are they continuing to raise their own standards? Are they seeking growth within their mind and body?

Do they have the right role models and mentors to help them elevate their performance?

Unfortunately college athletes are stressed out more than ever before. They are losing direction and few of them are actually speaking up about it.

Athletes are craving meaningful relationships and connection. Searching for direction and a greater self-identity.

A study done by the American College Health Association found:

  • 21% of male athletes felt depressed
  • 27% of female athletes felt depressed
  • 32% of male athletes felt anxiety
  • 49% of female athletes felt anxiety

They found even more alarming stats:

  • 9.8% of students seriously considered harming themselves
  • 6.7% reported intentional self-harm
  • 81.7% felt exhausted (not from physical activity)

A fresh perspective is needed. One that extends beyond a team sports psychologist but a role model or mentor to help guide individuals and teams towards a stronger and healthier mind!

Elevating Your Team

  • More Confident Athletes
  • Higher Energy, Engagement and Effort
  • Clearer Vision: Goal Setting – Clarity and Direction
  • Improve Team Culture and Comradery
  • Strong and Healthy Mindset
  • Boost Performance and Standards
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