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Why Creating A New Plan or Process Does Not Work

For many sports right now it is the middle of their off season or they are headed into their off season and I keep seeing an inaccurate message about your plan and process from “mindset coaches”. Actually let’s just be blunt about it. The message is wrong and has a small chance of changing your desired results.

So what is this wrong message?

You need to sit down, review your season and develop an action plan.

The idea that once you evaluate your season (looking through where you struggled technically, mentally and physically) and THEN develop an “action plan” will not produce new results!

The funny and interesting part about all this is, it’s the same message so many “mindset gurus” are preaching. And many coaches fall into this trap after each season as well. After they review their process to see if it didn’t reap the rewards they desired, that’s where they start. Immediately tweaking and shifting their process…

But tweaking the process is down the road!

What Is First

So where do you start? And the answer to that is really simple. YOU START WITH YOU! You start with shifting, transforming and upgrading your identity! Upgrading who you are as a person.

What if you have the right process but you don’t operate on the level as a person to get those specific results.

For example you see it ALL the time in weight loss or getting in shape. People bounce from diet to diet. Trainer to trainer because they believe the next “process” or fad is going to get them the results they want. Like let’s be real, getting in shape is not that hard…

It has very little to do with choosing the right process. The struggle is choosing to create the right identity of a person that’s healthy or in shape.

Another Process Problem

Another issue, not as common, but definitely I see it happen a lot. People just start changing goals or their dream outcome. They think maybe if they set a higher or lower target that they will actually get their result…

Again, the target is NOT the problem YOU are the problem.

You can have a new mission, a new action plan but if you don’t change who you are it’s meaningless!

The question I get most often at this point , where do I start? 

And you don’t start evaluating your technique but evaluating your behaviors. Do your behaviors align with who you want to become?

For example if you want to be a healthy person but your behaviors are only working out once per week then that does not add up. You can change your process, workout plans all you want but it’s gunna be nearly impossible to get what you want.

Relating To Sports

Let’s bring this full circle. Yes, it is necessary at some point to see if you are following the right process but IDENTITY comes first. It’s a hard reality for most coaches and athletes… including myself.

If you are not getting the results you want each season YOU must transform and your TEAM must transform.

Your identity determines your outcomes!

If you get anything out of this post, please be careful when all these “mindset coaches” start telling you things from the start “you gotta dream bigger” or “we gotta shift your plan/process”.

Don’t Buy The Process Hype

I know my personality and philosophy is not for everyone and I am totally cool with that. But there are so many coaches and gurus that are really good at sales or marketing. They can sell themselves or market themselves but then when it comes to real growth and change they can’t deliver.

I believe in sticking to what I KNOW works and delivering real transformation versus selling you a dream.

I will give you a real example. Spent a weekend with one team and talked for 2 days about Identity Transformation and at the end they said that’s all great but we just wanna know “How” to achieve our goal…

I said you can NOT start with HOW. You must develop the identity of what that team looks like then we can start discussing how and they asked me not to come back.

Totally cool. No hard feelings and I could’ve sold them a dream but that’s not who I am.

In short, find those who are real and authentic!

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