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The Number 1 Question You Should Ask Every Coach

It seems like in today’s world everyone is a coach. We have performance coaches, life coaches, business coaches, sports coaches and a laundry list of others. Do they all serve you at the highest level? Since moving and opening a new sports training center in Dallas one of my primary focal points was to not get tossed in the mix with thousands of other coaches. Therefore I thought if people should ask a coach one question what would it be..

The reality is this question could and should be asked to not only coaches but leaders or business owners.

Several months ago I remember reading a book by Dan Henry and in his introduction he simply asked the question (I am paraphrasing here) should you trust a coach, who doesn’t have a coach…

He actually goes on to say that “A coach without a coach is a hypocrite”!

And the more I have sat back and let this statement marinate, the more I agree with it. We are living in a world that is caught up on degrees and certifications. The practical question is what type of training could you have gotten from a coach to train you?

Coaches In Sports

In the sports performance industry this is happening all over the country where people take an online course or online certification. Then they are ready to start training athletes and parents are continuously getting fooled by these self proclaimed trainers.

For instance, when I graduated college I left with an economics degree. If I wanted to become a trusted expert I need to go out and hire experienced coaches playing the game at a high level.

I had no money at the time so I had to exchange free labor in order to come stand by their side and learn. I started this journey at University of South Alabama where I spent 2-3 months soaking up all the knowledge and wisdom I could from Division 1 college strength coaches.

After that I hopped in my car and drove out to California to learn from one of the best in the fitness industry and was also training high level athletes like Drew Brees. This was at Fitness Quest 10 with Todd Durkin. Again this was free labor. I traded wiping down gym equipment in order to be around expert performance and fitness coaches.

My last stop was at IMG Academy, spending almost 3 more months in south Florida. I had the opportunity to be side by side with the top track coach in the world. I was around olympic gold medalists and nearly 60 top level athletes training for the NFL combine. Shall I repeat it again this was free labor on my part!

Does Your Coach Have A Coach

That should be your number one question for any coach you are about to hire “Do you have your own coach”

We hire coaches for so many different areas of our lives. As I mentioned before there are fitness coaches or business coaches in our lives. If your coach does not have a coach how are they continuing to grow?

Now I know that providing free labor in order to learn is not always practical. But those coches will be glad to coach you for a fee and that’s the point where it ends for the majority of people. We want results in our lives or results for your kids but are not willing to make the investment.

I first heard this statement from Russell Brunson when he said “People that pay, pay attention”

And boy have I found that to be true in my own coaching experience. The ones that are financially invested the most are the same ones that show up on time. They are the athletes highly engaged and asking questions seeking growth.

The ones who gripe about prices are typically the most needy and feel a sense of entitlement…

Then I would follow up with, if you have hired a GREAT coach, they will take that same money you paid them with. Next they would make an investment in themselves to be able to serve you at an even higher level.

What If You Have No Money

So I often get the question about just starting off maybe with a new business and you do not have the money to invest. What do you do then…

Easy answer… Provide some massive value to them! We are all experts at something oftentimes we do not give ourselves credit for things we are good at. You only have to know a little more than the other person or business in order to serve them.

You do not have to know EVERYTHING and that’s why so many people never get started. They have this voice inside them saying “You don’t know enough yet” and it’s just not true.

If you have a desire to be around a certain coach find something of value that you can give to them in order for a conversation. Here is the CRAZY part of it, that most people playing the game at an extremely high level will offer you some free advice or conversation.

Also most coaches offer some type of introduction training. Typically it’s a DIY online program. If you start there and produce some insane results for yourself or business. Then in exchange for a testimonial ask for a conversation.

I know most of this sounds wild or out of the box but that’s the exact reason you feel trapped where you are. Because you keep thinking inside the box. 

The answers to growth do not live inside the box!

Coaches Serve

When you find a top level coach, you will know because they always over deliver to you. Real coaches CARE!

One of the highest values for high level coaches is to authentically care about those whom they serve. What I mean by this is that we fear we are going to have to pay them forever and it’s actually the opposite…

As my mentor begins every group we start, her goal is not to have us as clients forever because she doesn’t feel like she’s doing her job. She wants to teach and educate us and then set us free. For us to go out and implement what we learned. To experience the growth we were seeking!

Now I do agree with this up to a certain point. But for me personally it’s always nice to revisit the ideas and concepts together maybe a month or two each year. For me it’s kinda like reading a book multiple times. The same book I read again this year that I did last year will hardwire in my brain a little differently. Why? Because I have grown and have a deeper understanding than before. I have experienced more in my life.

Then for me and relating it back to sports training if you want a high level coach for your child it’s more than sports performance. I have been very outspoken on the idea of year round training for young athletes. Obviously to maintain their strength and stay healthy. 

But even more importantly it should be about having that outlet and mentor. The person or mentor they need to sit down and talk with about personal things happening in their life that allows me to serve them as a person not just athlete.

Reach Out To Your Coach

As athletes and especially you as parents deserve to know you are receiving the highest value possible. That’s how life is meant to be lived. Do not settle for average!

Because I scream and preach so much about mentorship. How much would you trust me to mentor your child if I did not have my own mentor? If I was not constantly learning how to provide more value to you as a parent…

That is my next focus within our mentorship program is to serve parents at a higher level. After a conversation/catch up with my mentor I realized that I could be serving the parents even more and you deserve it.

We are all family here at Underground Performance and my desire is that every time you leave the facility you leave with an experience! That in some way, maybe just through conversation that I was able to serve you! 

A large part of my life’s fulfillment is watching you become the person you desire! Because there is no greater feeling in the world than waking up, seeing yourself in the mirror and smiling for no other reason how much you love yourself.

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