Speed and Agility

Speed and Agility are skills that can complete separate you from your competition. One reason why it is crucial to have a coach that not only understands the different elements but can also coach them as well.

 Therefore, when our staff is coaching we want to focus on specific drills and movements that are going to translate over for each individual to there sport.
Some areas that we focus on when coaching our program includes:
  • Proper running and sprinting mechanics
  • Developing explosive power
  • Enhanced acceleration
  • Deceleration
  • Change of direction
  • Balance and coordination
  • Body awareness
  • Core stability
Speed Class

In addition these skills are primarily about making sure you are being the most efficient as possible with every movement. Next, we take an in-depth look at all of your motions from foot and head placement to your arm drive, making sure that there is no wasted movements while running.

Similarly, there is also a direct correlation between speed and strength.

Likewise our staff will evaluate every athlete to look for any muscle imbalances that could be keeping them from their maximum potential. As a result strengthening these areas will greatly improve their overall quickness.

Lastly, while training we make sure to keep their fast twitch muscles firing to increase explosiveness. Above all an athlete’s speed and agility is an area of focus and can take you to the next level of your game!