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One Big Mistake Parents Make in Their Child’s Sports Training

Imagine right now that you are either looking to get your athlete involved in a sports training program or maybe looking for a new facility. As you were checking out places around town you walk into one and see 30-70 athletes training at one time! On top of that you only see 1-2 coaches in the gym trying to manage the chaos. What would your initial thoughts be?

Chances are you would think this is probably not what we are looking for. It has the appearance of “herding cattle”. Coaches lining kids up and just yelling “Ready Go!” Trying to get them as many reps as possible…

Yet that’s what’s happening inside most school training programs! The real irking part is that one of the most common objections from parents towards their child’s training is: “They are already lifting at school”.

So in scenario 1 you would most likely not sign your child up inside an environment like that. But in scenario 2 at the school it somehow becomes fine…

Now let me be very clear I am not dogging middle school and high school training programs. What I am saying is that most are not set up to serve kids at the highest level possible. Those coaches are working with the best they can to help kids and keep them safe at the same time.

Real Value

The reason you would not pay someone to put your child in a group like that is because you don’t see the value. It can have well intended coaches but the ability to add substantial value to kids is hard based on numbers.

Then on top of that it’s hard to push individuals within their training. First, it becomes a safety issue. They aren’t allowed to lift much weight because there are not enough eyeballs/coaches to spot everyone. Otherwise it would take an entire day to get their workouts done.

Second, it’s very hard to hold kids accountable without anyone watching them. Yes, there are those kids that naturally hold themself to a high standard but that’s probably not the norm.

Even the high school athletes that are inside our gym now say 80% of the team cheats on their workouts. That can be skipping reps, sets or just not doing the weight amount they are supposed to be doing because it’s difficult.

Sports Training

No matter what aspect of life we are talking about whether it’s sports training, business, finance or mindset it’s important to have a personalized/outside coach.

It’s the same reason I have my own outside coaches. Having someone push our personal limitations and beliefs is important for growth. We need that kick in the ass from time to time. We have all had times in our lives where we fall back to old or poor habits, it’s called being human. But we put people and coaches in our corner to guide us back on track.

Sports training is no different! It’s about putting them in an environment that challenges them physically and mentally…

It’s interesting, that two groups of people that “normally” don’t lift weights are the most addicted ones I have in the gym right now. That sense of being pushed to lift heavier weights and seeing progress gives them a greater confidence and belief in themselves…

Those two groups are the younger kids and the gymnasts. I have a group of 5th graders that CRAVE pushing their limits. So much so that I have to hold them back at times just to make sure their bodies are getting the right amount of recovery. One dad came in last week and said “you’ve created an addict”.

The same goes for the gymnasts. Most of them have never lifted weights prior to coming to me. Same situation, they wanna push the boundaries every week! And I have to make sure they communicate about their training at practice and how their bodies are feeling.

Outside Training

So the major question is do you know with absolute certainty your athlete is getting enough of the appropriate training within their school program? 

Are they in the best shape they could possibly be? Have they done lifts outside of cleans, squats and presses? Do they need individual tips on their movement or are they just running some sprints outside.

Plus there are a host of other benefits in sports training outside of school like putting your child around a powerful role model, training alongside kids from across the state, better environment, an outlet to talk about life and most of all the right mentor!

I Hope this adds some value for you as you look to always give your athlete the best opportunities possible!!


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