"Using Sports Training As A Tool To Build Young Athletes Confidence and Mental Toughness"

Has your child ever had any doubts or lacked confidence in themselves?

I still to this day remember as I just graduated college, helping out coaching a high school team and having one of the parents approach me in the hotel lobby state tournament weekend…

When I first showed up to help coach and mentor this team it was over midway through the season and one of the young student-athletes was frustrated that there were 2 opponents he would not overcome.

6 weeks later he stood over both of them on the state championship podium.

One of the kids dad’s approached me and said “I don’t know what you taught him but he is a totally different competitor this weekend”…

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Here is the fun part about this story. Everyone wants to know what “special”training method I used to get him to that point.

The key was I guided him to be confident in himself. To be mentally tough and belief in himself more than anyone else…

That was the secret and no one else is making it the primary focus.

Shifting his confidence and belief system is what helped him beat BOTH of those opponents in the same weekend!

My name is Ryan Romano

For nearly a decade I have been coaching and mentoring student-athletes and teams and teams across the country. And I will be the first to admit when I started I thought it was all about “sports training”. I am a TEDx Speaker and worked with individuals in my facility up to university teams like University of Alabama and Rutgers.

And YES Sports Training is very important but it was not the whole picture. Like the story about I realized there was one thing missing in nearly every athlete no matter how successful they were – Confidence.

 Training was the tool to help build them confidence.

Then I started studying and researching even more. And all the successful athletes, teams and organizations had A Strong Mentor.

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That’s when I started spending everyday in the gym coaching young athletes, asking them questions to help shift their beliefs and constantly being that mentor or big brother to them.

So few, if any, are teaching and spending time with this generation of young adults on these principals.

For instance everywhere you go it’s 100% about performance…

How to get your child stronger, faster, quicker, more flexible etc

Therefore, wouldn’t you agree that things like confidence and a mentor would have them perform at their highest level?

That’s how “The Iceberg System” was developed…

What’s “inside” or underneath all these young athletes that needs attention and focus.

On the outside or above the water everyone likes to show off and see the big biceps, ripped abs or how fast you can run.

And those things have their place, but just like the iceberg that’s a small piece of the puzzle that sits above the water.

What is their level of confidence? Do they believe in themselves? Are they nervous? Doubts or anxiety? What about stress?

Do they have a mentor in their life outside of family? Someone that they genuinely trust and feel safe to make themselves vulnerable about what’s going on in their lives?

What about setting goals and using it to their advantage?

How about an accountability coach?

I could go on forever but I think you get the picture…

There are so many layers under the surface that these kids need guidance on and that’s why this system has been so successful.

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