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Summer Sports Training

Are you taking advantage of summer sports training programs to help your child grow? We all know there are a number of reasons to get your child involved in a training program. But there are a few reasons why the summer time is especially important.

First, if your child is an athlete it’s a critical time period for them to grow in their athletic development. I am a huge advocate of year round training and development but most athletes put some developmental time in during the summer. In essence in order to stay on the same playing field it’s a good idea to get in the gym just to keep pace.

Now with that said not all training programs are equal. Some kids view their school training programs enough for them. While others look to truly double down on their development inside the right program to separate themselves depending on their individual goals.

I recently had a middle school soccer athlete start training 5x per week at 630am in the morning on top of his other training programs. Out of curiosity I asked him why he decided to train like this over the summer…

His response was that “I know your program will focus on my individual needs to elevate my game much more than anywhere else.”

Secondly, it’s summertime and most kids have an 8 hour void to fill during the week. They are used to getting up early and going to school. 

There is a tremendous amount of benefit keeping them on a similar schedule. On top of that it keeps them from poisoning their minds. Days filled with junk food, Netflix, Video games and constantly on their phones.

What’s Your Training Goals

The key is finding the right training system for you and your child. Are you looking for more of a “summer camp” where your kids get dropped off for a certain period of time and it burns their energy?

Are you looking strictly for athletic development? A place to sign your child up that will focus on the physical development of your child.

Lastly, are you looking for a gym to work on total athletic development? Putting an emphasis on the physical and mental development of your child? A place that surrounds your athlete in an empowering environment plus surrounded by powerful role models and mentors?

There is NOT a right or wrong answer to this question. It is 100% what you AND your child are looking for within summer training.

Our system is built around developing the total athlete. Challenging both their bodies and minds. Again this does NOT mean our system is right for you. Actually, I am very honest when parents initially reach out to inquire about our training methods. I tell them specifically…

“If you are just looking for a physical training place, I am probably not the best fit for you.”

One of our biggest strengths here at Underground Performance is the environment that has been created. The kids and the athletes create the environment!

Our system is so successful because within that environment there is ONE standard and each athlete knows from day one that there are no exceptions.

Burn The Boats

For many of the athletes it’s an adjustment. It does not matter the age or skill level. From the 7 year olds up through the high level college kids they learn to get on board.

It’s the burn your boat mentality. Once they commit they “burn the boats” and go all in! Once THEY make this decision the process is in full effect!

It’s the reason they can start shifting their mindset. That’s all “mindset” is right? It’s setting your mind where you want it. It’s setting the standard of your mind.

We accomplish that shift through conversations and questions. For instance just this morning we ended training early to help the athletes understand the difference between inspiration and motivation…

They claimed they weren’t motivated this morning and I called bullshit on them. We discussed why motivation isn’t going to get them to where they wanna go. (Once they decide that exact destination).

You gotta be inspired by a mission! Guiding them to the destination they choose for this summer!

It’s developing more than the physical person within our programs. Igniting their confidence and ability to see themselves as valuable!

That’s the Underground Method!


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