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Why Winners Win

The cold hard truth is that so many teams think they are losing because of a lack of passion, drive or focus but it’s just not true. You are losing because you are not doing the things that make you win!

Seems like an obvious and duh statement but it’s all the little micro things and decisions you make along the way that allow you win over time. It is so easy for anyone to get distracted in jumping from one thing to another thinking that’s the missing piece of the puzzle.

Over the last few months in talking with my own coach this has been one of my biggest aha moments. We simply sat down and found the biggest choke hold that was holding me back and put out efforts towards solving that one problem.

It’s so easy for us to think that we have to go out and learn all this new information or that there is some “secret sauce” that is going to give us our next quantum leap. While I always encourage constant learning and growth it does not stop there. As Alex Hormozi said perfect,

You don’t have information overload.

You have implementation underload.”

In simple terms again we aren’t winning at the level we desire to win because we are NOT doing the things we know will drive us forward.

Oftentimes it’s what we perceive to be the hard decisions or tough conversations.

This is one of the main reasons building championship culture became so critical.Because yes while I still mentor and guide college athletes if they are not ALL doing the micro things together it becomes pointless.

Winners Not Friends

It’s interesting because I have watched several sports regional and championship competitions over the past couple weeks. You can visibly tell the teams have built a culture of being undeniable winners.

Now here is the interesting part. I bet if you took a dive into their programs they are not all “best friends”, they have their own drama and other struggles within the team, but they hate losing even more! This is how winners think.

They know they would rather do the small things for eachother even if they aren’t best friends because losing sucks even worse.

That’s the difference. They make the decision from the very beginning that I will do the things to win because I hate losing even more.

This can be difficult for coaches at times because it can force you to delay gratification. It puts the long term championships ahead of the short term winning seasons.

Cutting Players

Point black: If you do not make the tough decisions now it is going to be impossible to get to the top. It will be impossible to take that next quantum leap. Yes you will most likely find success in terms of winning games and seasons but the dynasty will never exist.

So, I ask you what are “the things” you KNOW you need to be doing? Or that you need to being doing more of? Write them down.

Hell if you don’t know, drop me a message and I will freakin get on the phone and spend 30 minutes helping you get clarity on this.

Are there rules you need to put in place? Do you need to actually build your culture? Could there be athletes you need to cut from the team (even if they are your top performers)? Are there new standards that need to be set?

A big one: Are you stuck in your old ways and need to build a new perspective?

There are literally hundreds of questions that could be addressed. It’s so easy to put them off because “it’s the way you have always done things” that is probably your chokehold.

I can almost guarantee you and your athletes have passion and drive. It’s not doing things that actually build championships that are holding you back.

Hope this adds value and build winners.

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